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5 Tips for Grilling the Perfect Ribeye Steak

Grilling a ribeye can be quite daunting to some, but I’m here to tell you that grilling the PERFECT ribeye isn’t as hard as you might think! To me, there is truly nothing better than a good steak, it’s one of my favorite meals. Over the past few months we have grilled countless ribeyes, so I wanted to share my tips to grilling the perfect ribeye, every time.

Grilling a perfect steak is relatively simple as long as you choose a great steak and use proper cooking techniques. Here are my five essential tips to grilling a perfect steak:

#1- Picking out your Steak

Before I give you the tips on how to grill a perfect ribeye, you have to know how to choose a great steak. This is by far the most important step, grilling a great steak starts with a great cut of meat. Marbling is the most important factor when picking out a steak. Marbling is the little streaks of white fat you see running through the meat. It gives the steak flavor and keeps it juicy and tender. More marbling equals a higher quality, more palatable steak but more marbling also will raise the price of the meat. Prime is the highest quality of beef followed by Choice and then Select. I recommend picking out a prime or choice steak, as select will have much less marbling.

Not only do you want to look at the marbling, but you also want to look at the color and thickness of the meat. You should look for a nice cherry red color to the meat. In addition, you want your steak to be around 1.25″ thick. If your steak is thinner, it won’t be very juicy and will likely get overcooked; much thicker and it will be hard to cook.

#2- Seasoning your Steak

Before grilling, it is important to season your steak. Take your steaks out of the refrigerator and pat the steaks dry before seasoning. Don’t over season your steaks with fancy rubs, or seasonings – you want the natural flavor of the meat to really stand out. Pour a little olive oil on top of the steak and rub it to completely cover the steak on both sides and the edges. Season both sides of your steak with sea salt or flavored sea salt if you’re feeling fancy, and coarse ground pepper. After seasoning the steak, let it rest at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to cooking. This allows the meat to absorb some of the flavors of the seasoning and will allow it to cook more evenly.

#3 – Grilling the Steak

You want to pre-heat your grill before putting on your steak. High heat helps the meat develop a crusty, flavorful exterior while keeping the meat juicy. We usually turn our grill up to the highest heat setting and wait until it reaches around 400 degrees before putting the steaks on.


A great steak should be cooked, but not overcooked. We ALWAYS use a meat thermometer and this is the #1 tip to grilling the perfect steak. We use this meat thermometer, and it works great. Knowing the temperature of the steak will allow you to pull it off at the right time and get the perfect doneness every time. To get the most accurate internal temperature, insert your meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat. Pull your steak off when they reach the doneness of your preference.

Steak doneness – Internal Meat Temperatures

  • Rare – 125°F
  • Medium Rare – 130°F -135°F
  • Medium – 135°F -140°F
  • Medium Well – 140°F -150°F
  • Well Done – 155°F and higher

#5 – Let your Steak Rest

After pulling your steak off the grill you want to let it rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing. It allows the juices to be reabsorbed by the meat and makes it taste even better! We always add a pat of butter on top of our steaks and let it melt down over the meat while it rests.


As you can see, it really isn’t too hard to grill the perfect steak once you know how to do it. By following these tips you are on the right track to impressing all your friends and family with your perfect grill master skills. Grilling a steak shouldn’t be daunting, now use these tips to go grill some great steaks!

Check out this YouTube video on how to grill the perfect ribeye as well!

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    Angela Mullis
    October 31, 2018 at 8:35 am

    I’ve been eating a lot of steak since starting my Keto journey. This is a first for me. I’ve never been much of a meat eater and could have happily lived without it. Now that it’s a huge part of my diet, knowing how cook it correctly is key. Thank you for the tips!

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    May 27, 2019 at 11:49 pm

    Nice info! I never did rib eye before starting Keto. Thanks for the help. You are adorable.

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