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15 Things You NEED to Pack on Every Cruise

Today I am excited to share with you some items you NEVER want to forget to pack when you are going on a cruise. Here in just a few days, I am setting sail on my 5th cruise so I have been working on my list of must bring items. Over the years I’ve found some things that make the cruising experience just so much better! I thought I would share these few things for those looking to make their cruise a breeze!

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1: Over the Door Hanging Organizer

This is an item that is a MUST bring! Cruise ship rooms are tiny with not too much storage in them – especially the bathrooms. We always hang one of these over the bathroom door to store all of our toiletries and other bits and bobbles to keep them neat and tidy.

I have used THIS ONE from Amazon and it works perfectly in all the ships I have been on!

2: Lanyard

This is something I forgot on one of my cruises and it was super annoying. When you are on a ship your room key is important to keep track of because it is also linked to your credit card as well. Being able to stick your key on a lanyard and always have it around your neck makes it so much easier to keep up with and not lose!

Check out some great lanyards for cruising HERE.

3: Insulated Cup

This is another item that is a must bring! You may or may not have purchased the drink package, but no matter what water, tea, and lemonade are always free on the ship – but the cups are normally pretty small and it’s annoying to have to go back and forth filling them up. Avoid this hassle by bringing a large insulated cup so that you can fill it up and carry it with you without the ice melting if you venture out onto the warm deck as well!

Here is a great option for a cup to bring on the ship. Click HERE for silver or if you want a fun colored cup click HERE.

4: Hangers

This is something you would probably never think about – but if you are going on a 7 day cruise especially, you may have quite a few clothes you want to have hanging in the closet. You may not have enough hangers provided to have all your clothes hung so packing a few extra hangers is always a great idea!

These TRAVEL HANGERS are perfect for cruise ships!

5: Power Strip

It’s normal to only have 1 or 2 outlets in a room and with many people having multiple electronics they need to charge it is super important to bring a power strip with you!

Cruise lines will confiscate certain kinds due to fire hazards, but THIS ONE is cruise ship approved!

6: Magnet Hooks

Once again, storage space is very limited so this is a great idea to free up space! With cruise cabins being made of metal, these magnet hooks can be stuck on the wall to hold your things, lanyards or whatever else you need to get out of the way!

THESE are a great option!

7: Lightweight Backpack

For days you leave the ship, you usually have quite a few things you want to pack with you. Having a small bag or backpack will be great to have ready the night before so you can get up and go and enjoy your day in port!

I have bought and used THIS BACKPACK and it folds up small and takes up little space!

8: Highlighter

When you get your schedule for the day it can be a little overwhelming. Having a highlighter to note those things you for sure don’t want to miss out on is something I highly recommend!

These highlighters are perfect to toss in your bag. Click HERE.

9: Waterproof Phone Pouch

In the Caribbean you never know what the weather may bring so having a case to put your phone in if the weather turns is a great idea. Or you may want to bring it in the water and get some cool underwater pictures!

HERE is the phone case is the one I use.

10: Motion Sickness Medicine

I have never really had any motion sickness issues, but I know many people do have issues if the waves ever get a little bad. I have heard great things about this Sea-Band or these motion sickness patches!

11: White Noise Machine

Sometimes you may get the short end of the stick for room placement and you may hear some outside or engine noise. Having a white noise machine can sometimes be a lifesaver for a good nights sleep!

HERE is a great travel option.

12: Microfiber Beach Towel

When you are getting off the ship, you don’t want to bring an armful of towels because it is just not fun to do so and it gets burdensome. Getting a microfiber towel that wicks away the water and dries quickly is a great option to throw in your backpack you bring ashore!

THIS is a fabulous option.

13: Towel Clips

Chairs normally go pretty fast on a cruise ship -, especially in the prime spots. Clipping your towels to your spot will help save your chairs and prevent your towels from being picked up by the staff!

HERE is a great towel clip option!

14: Laundry Bag

Nothing really fun about this, just a simple way to separate the dirty clothes for easy packing when you have to pack up!

HERE is a great option.

15: Sunscreen

Don’t ruin your vacation by getting lobster red your first day, you WILL regret it. Pack some that is water resident!

My favorite sunscreen is THIS!

I hope these items make your next cruise a breeze! Is there anything I am forgetting!?

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