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A Weekend at Hacienda Las Palmas Hunting and Fishing Lodge

I was so excited when I was invited to spend a weekend at Hacienda Las Palmas Hunting and Fishing Lodge located on Lake Guerrero in Padilla, Tamaulipas. This area of Mexico is known for its world-class hunting and bass fishing so I couldn’t wait to get down there!

Check out a video from my weekend spent at Hacienda Las Palmas!

The trip started by flying from New Orleans to McAllen, TX where we were going to be picked up by our guide José and driven across the border into Mexico which was about a three and a half-hour drive to the lodge.

Crossing over the Rio Grande
Entering the Mexico Border

I won’t lie, after doing some research I was a little scared of traveling through Mexico and to the resort, however, I never once felt unsafe or scared during our drive to the lodge.

When we pulled up to the lodge I was shocked at its beauty. It is nestled on top of a hill, surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the amazing Lake Guerrero. We were greeted with some amazing Margaritas as soon as we stepped out of the van!


The first evening we explored a little bit and had a fabulous dinner, but we were all ready to head to bed after a long day of traveling so that we could wake up bright and early to go fishing!

Look at all of this fabulous food!

The next morning we woke up bright and early so that we could try and go find the huge bass Lake Guerrero is known for! Of course, we were greeted with an amazing breakfast before we headed out on the water to look for some big ole bass! Unfortunately, a cold front moved in and the fishing wasn’t too good, but I still managed to catch a few!

First bass in Mexico!
Our boats we fish in
Delicious breakfast served with homemade tortillas!

After a morning of fishing, it was time for yet another fabulous meal cooked by a 5-star chef. We then decided it was time to hit the hot tub for a little while before going fishing again that afternoon.

Look at that view!

After a few drinks and chilling in the hot tub, it was time to get changed and head back out on the water! We had a great afternoon and caught a mess of bass, but we’re still looking for the big daddy!

Once we got back to land, it was time to chill for a little while and get ready for dinner. We planned to eat dinner down at the firepit and WOW it was absolutely beautiful. We had some of the best tacos I have ever eaten and got to shoot some skeet! That night we all danced the night away and had so much fun!

The next morning we woke up and it was an absolutely beautiful morning! We had another fabulous breakfast and headed out to go fish!

The biggest bass I have ever seen in my entire life was caught, but unfortunately not by me!

We came back in for lunch and had the ULTIMATE feast. They presented us with a suckling pig and an array of sides. It BLEW my mind!

After we stuffed ourselves it was time for another afternoon of chilling by the pool before we went dove hunting that afternoon.

That afternoon we went dove hunting. Now I have never hunted before in my life, but I still had a fabulous time!

That evening we returned home for a quick dinner and then we all passed out as we, unfortunately, were headed back to the airport the next morning.

The next morning we were up bright and early and started our journey home! We were sad to leave and wished we could stay a little longer!

My Thoughts About this Trip

WOW is all I can say about Hacienda Las Palmas. You have got to visit this incredible hunting and fishing lodge. We felt safe throughout our entire trip and the staff was friendly and thoughtful for the duration of our stay. The lodge sat a few hundred yards from Lake Gurrero and the views were stunning seeing the sunrise and sunset over the lake. The guides made sure we had an amazing time hunting and fishing even if we had never done so before. The food was absolutely incredible and left us wanting seconds every single meal. If you are looking for a unique hunting and fishing experience at a luxurious lodge where you will be welcomed with margaritas, this is the place for you! I highly recommend a stay at Hacienda Las Palmas, it will definitely be something you don’t regret!

I really hope you get the chance to check out this amazing lodge!

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    Stéphan Martel
    November 25, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Let’s fish & Hunt together here in Québec ⚜️ canada 🌹

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    Pires Ana Rosa
    July 1, 2020 at 6:52 am

    You fly to either McAllen or Brownsville, Texas. There will be a van and a driver waiting for you at the baggage claim area to help you get your luggage in the van and drive you safely to the lodge. This is a 3:30 hour drive from the border to the lodge.

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