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Trying Out Green Chef Keto Meals

I have always wanted to try a meal kit subscription, but for years there has never been a low carb or keto option… until now. Recently the meal kit subscription service, Green Chef, released a weekly keto menu which had me jumping for joy! I was SO excited to hear that there was FINALLY an option that I could eat.

What is Green Chef?

Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that allows you to get dinner at your door every single week and have flexibility to order when you want them. They have a wide variety of meal plans such as paleo, keto, vegetarian, gluten free, vegan and more so they suit just about everyone.

Green Chef delivers organic, premium ingredients and easy recipes that allow you to cook dinner in about 30 minutes. The recipes are broken down into step by step instruction so that even the worst cook can pull off an awesome meal. You can choose from an affordable menu of meals starting at $10.99 per dish. Each box contains three dinners for two people, or the family plan contains two meals for a family of four.

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside the box you will find veggies, 3 bags containing ingredients for three different meals and any meats needed for the recipes. Everything comes wrapped up very nicely and with two HUGE ice packs that keep your food very cool! Inside my box I got these three meals:

  • Smoky Chicken with Cotija – 13 Net Carbs
  • Balsamic-Glazed Beef Patties – 12 Net Carbs
  • Bacon & Butternut Squash Hash – 14 Net Carbs

Not going to lie all three of these meals sounded delicious!

Let’s Get to Cooking!

In this post I am going to focus on the Smoky Chicken with Cotija that I cooked. I unboxed everything inside the bag; everything is pre portioned out for use in the recipes which makes it very convenient! I started by dicing the onions, garlic and red cabbage.

Up next, I seared the chicken in a pan with some olive oil; about three minutes on each side. After searing, I added some broth to the chicken breasts and placed it in the oven to finish cooking.

While the chicken was cooking, it was time to sauté the veggies. I first added in the minced garlic and diced yellow onion and let it cook down. I added cumin seeds, salt and pepper to the onion and it was so fragrant and delicious smelling! After the onions were translucent, I added in the red cabbage and let it cook down. The final step was adding in a vinaigrette to the vegetables. 

The final step was to take out the chicken and create a sauce to finish off the dish. The directions made it very easy to follow and I enjoyed cooking something outside of my normal routine. I plated the dish and felt like a master chef!

The Verdict

I was SO pleased with this meal! It was a flavor that I normally don’t develop in my kitchen, but both me and my boyfriend really enjoyed it. I like these meal subscription services as they force me to try recipes I would probably never cook otherwise. The only downfall in my opinion is that these meals are labeled at “keto” and while they are more low carb (12-14 Net Carbs per meal) they are higher in carbs than I would normally eat in one meal. That being said, I tend to only eat 1-2 meals a day, so if I have a small carb free breakfast these would still fit well within my macros!

To try out Green Chef and get $50 off your order, click HERE.

Have you tried Green Chef or any other meal kit subscription service? What has been your favorite?

Click HERE to learn more about the keto diet.

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