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7 Simple Changes to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

There are a lot of people out there who want to live a healthier lifestyle, however, ditching your normal routine and switching to salads for every meal is not the way to go about it and stick to living a healthier lifestyle long term. Below I have a few tips you can easily implement into your day to day life to help you start living a healthier lifestyle!

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Drink More Water!

A lot of people don’t drink nearly enough water each day. Over 60% of our body is made up of water and water plays a key factor in many of our bodies functions. It’s very important to replenish the water your body loses so that you do not become dehydrated and feel blah. One thing that really helps me to get in more water is by having water with me at all times. I carry either an insulated cup or a big insulated water bottle and it makes it so much easier to just grab and drink without having to think about going to get water. I always keep water on my desk, my bedside table, in my car, or in my purse on the go so that I never have to worry about not drinking enough!

Schedule a Time to Move Each Day

If you plan it in your schedule to hit the gym or just grab your pup and go on a 30-minute walk you are much more likely to do it! If you’re anything like me, I will tell myself that “later” I will for sure get my workout for the day in. Well later rolls around and it’s 10pm and my bedtime and I never accomplished my workout. I find that writing down my workout times in a planner or calendar makes it so much easier for me to hold myself accountable and get up and move each day.

Look at Your Diet

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to stop eating everything you love, however, take a look at what you’re eating! A few times a week start opting for a healthier choice for your meals. Instead of the burger and fries, swap the fries for a small salad, or swap from crispy chicken to grilled chicken. Simple changes can stack up over time. I highly recommend getting yourself a food journal and writing down EVERYTHING you put into your mouth. You will be able to look back at your week and see where you could make better choices.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is SO important! Your body needs sleep to function correctly and work at your full potential each day. Your body repairs itself when you sleep and also helps boost your immune system when you get a good nights rest. If you have trouble with a restful sleep, I recommend that you take a supplement with melatonin in it such as this one.

Watch Portion Sizes

Here in America, our portion sizes are HUGE compared to the rest of the world. You can easily be served thousands of calories in just ONE meal. Stop when you feel full and try to avoid overeating which makes you feel bloated and a bit lethargic. If I get served a large portion, I usually cut it in half before I even start eating to try and avoid stuffing myself. Here are some portion control serving spoons if you might need some help!

Prepare Meals at Home

Whenever I can, I opt for cooking at home rather than going out to eat. When you cook at home you have control of everything that goes into your food – it’s surprising the number of hidden calories that are in foods cooked at restaurants. Cooking at home is also much cheaper! I could buy groceries for the week for the cost of what we pay for just one meal together.

Learn to Say NO!

We are often faced with someone offering us drinks, foods or unhealthy choices, you have to learn to be strong and be able to say NO. It doesn’t have to be mean, just decline the offer. I am often faced with people offering me food that is high in carbs, however doing a keto diet I have had to learn to politely decline as I know it is what is best for my health.

I hope you have enjoyed these little tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle! Leave a comment below with what tips work best for you!

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    Thank you for the helpful tips. Just started following you in October and now look forward to your vlogs.

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